Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Storehouse Foods?
Storehouse Foods is a company which started with one mission; to be Canada’s #1 supply of abundant, high-quality food goods.
  • What are the benefits of shopping at StorehouseFoods.ca?
While you’re able to shop on Amazon; our website offers deals, specials, and product updates while giving you a % discount on most of our items!
  • Where are you located?
We are currently located in the heart of Alberta, Canada in the City of Lacombe.
  • Where do you sell your products?
You can find our products on our website, storehousefoods.ca, our Amazon warehouse, and our storefront at 4836 – 45A St, Lacombe AB T4L-2C9
  • Do you offer local pick-up options?
Yes! We love to meet our customers face to face and serve them during the shopping process. As a bonus, there are big savings when you pick up your order in our store in Lacombe, AB!
  • Where do you ship your products?
We are passionate about our products arriving at your doorstep and although we are able to ship anywhere in Canada, every order over $75 comes with free shipping unless stated in our shipping policy.
  • Do you offer custom bulk shipments?
Yes, we do! We have access to a surplus of goods and are able to process custom bulk orders.
  • Why aren’t all your products Organic?
One of our core values is supporting local central Alberta farmers. It isn’t always possible for farmers to be “certified organic”. Our farmers practice sustainable farming techniques and have the upmost respect for their land. This doesn’t always come with an official certificate, but we can always assist in providing more specifics of any individual product.
  • Do your products contain glyphosate or other chemicals?
All of the organic products under the Storehouse Foods have been sourced from producers who do not use chemicals in their products. Our non-organic products do not have the guarantee of being glyphosate-free, although we work with farmers who typically do not use it on their crops.
  • Are all of your products GMO free?
The only products in Canada that are allowed to have any GMO are found in this link. We don’t currently sell any of these products.
  • How do you source your products?
Our team strives to find only the highest quality products through extensive market research, logical transportation avenues, and while creating relationships with out producers and growers.
For further questions, feel free to contact us at info@storehousefoods.ca