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About Us

Jon and Brandon Motz have been in business together for years establishing themselves as Canadian farmers, grain traders and businessmen. This experience has given them incredible market insight, long lasting partnering connections, and a plethora of knowledge in sourcing high quality products.

Being part of a large family, the Motz brothers understand the necessity of premium quality goods in bulk quantities which is why here at Storehouse Foods we aim to provide healthy, nutritious, and tasty custom size options for your family.

Joel C


Joel brings nearly 20 years of sales experience and leadership to the Storehouse Foods team.

As manager he takes lead on various wholesale and distribution channels. Joel believes in first-class customer service relationships. With the team at Storehouse Foods, he strives to provide an excellent customer experience.

A.J. B


A.J. brings over 20 years of experience in both Information Technology and Digital Marketing to the team.

Esther M

Quality & Inventory Management

Esther oversees product quality, inventory, packaging, order fulfillment and customer relations.