Storehouse Foods has its beginnings on our family farm. We are two brothers, who along with our families are blessed to be 4th generation Alberta grain farmers. As farmers we work hard, giving careful attention to the land and the seed, yet totally dependent on God to bring the rains and with it the harvest that replenishes our storehouse of grain. 

As the name suggests, Storehouse Foods started as simply food sold from our storehouse of grain bins. And while our products have now expanded beyond just what we grow on our farm, the heart behind it has stayed the same. We endeavour to offer you the highest quality farm-to-table products, as locally produced and as fresh as available, at the fairest price possible. 

Like so many things in life, we believe it is worth giving careful thought to the food we eat. At Storehouse Foods, every product we carry has been thoughtfully selected. We are constantly looking for practical and healthier alternatives to the profit-driven processed food market. This includes giving careful attention to how our food is grown, processed, and stored. We sell only what our families would buy.

So whether you are looking for small quantities or a truck load, whether you are shopping for your family or your business, we invite you to share in the farm-to-table experience by shopping Storehouse Foods.