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Zesty Curry Ketchup

Zesty Curry Ketchup

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Product of Canada - Made in Alberta - 250ml

Elevate Your Dishes with Exquisite Flavors

A Burst of Zesty Curry Infusion

Indulge in a culinary adventure like no other with our Small Batch Zesty Curry Ketchup by Lacombe Fresh. This extraordinary condiment transcends traditional ketchup, offering a captivating fusion of zesty curry and rich tomato flavors. Every jar is meticulously crafted in small batches, ensuring a unique and artisanal experience that will leave your taste buds craving more.

With its vibrant blend of spices, our Zesty Curry Ketchup transforms everyday meals into extraordinary dining experiences. Infused with the perfect balance of aromatic curry, tangy tomatoes, and a hint of sweetness, this delectable sauce adds a new dimension to your favorite dishes. Whether you're grilling burgers, enjoying a platter of crispy fries, or even adding a kick to your sandwich, our Zesty Curry Ketchup is the perfect companion.

Crafted with Love and Quality Ingredients Handcrafted Excellence in Every Jar

At Lacombe Fresh, we take pride in delivering exceptional quality, and our Small Batch Zesty Curry Ketchup is no exception. Each jar is carefully handcrafted using premium ingredients sourced from trusted farmers and spice purveyors. We believe in the power of natural flavors, which is why our ketchup is free from artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors.

Our commitment to quality is evident in every spoonful. We select the finest tomatoes, ripened to perfection, to create a smooth and luscious base. The exotic blend of curry spices is meticulously chosen to ensure an irresistible taste that harmonizes with the natural sweetness of the tomatoes. From the first taste to the last drop, you'll experience the passion and dedication we pour into every jar of our Small Batch Zesty Curry Ketchup.

Elevate Your Creativity in the Kitchen

Unlock a world of culinary possibilities with our Small Batch Zesty Curry Ketchup. Its versatile nature allows you to explore your creativity in the kitchen and transform ordinary recipes into extraordinary delights. Here are just a few ways you can use our Zesty Curry Ketchup to elevate your dishes:

  1. Gourmet Burgers: Spread a generous dollop of our Zesty Curry Ketchup onto your burgers to infuse them with a tantalizing burst of flavors. The curry undertones add depth and complexity, taking your burger experience to new heights.

  2. Exotic Dipping Sauce: Serve our Zesty Curry Ketchup alongside your favorite appetizers or snacks for a captivating twist. Its tangy, yet mildly spicy profile complements everything from crispy fries to vegetable fritters.

  3. Bold Sandwiches: Take your sandwiches from ordinary to extraordinary by slathering on our Zesty Curry Ketchup. Its unique flavor profile adds a delightful kick, transforming your lunchtime routine into a culinary adventure.

  4. Marinades and Glazes: Use our Zesty Curry Ketchup as a base for marinades or glazes to infuse your meats, seafood, or vegetables with an exquisite taste. Let the flavors meld together while grilling, baking, or roasting for a truly unforgettable meal.

  5. Diverse Dishes: Get creative and explore the endless possibilities of our Zesty Curry Ketchup. From curries and stir-fries to stews and soups, the distinctive flavors will awaken your senses and inspire your culinary journey.


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