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Authentic Mexican Vanilla Extract Kits

Authentic Mexican Vanilla Extract Kits

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 Includes (8oz Bottle + 4 Vanilla Beans)

Making your own, authentic vanilla extract is extremely easy! It only requires 2 ingredients; vanilla beans and vodka (Rum, whiskey are also used by some for specific flavour profiles).

Once you make your own homemade vanilla extract, you’ll love to use it in baked goods, pastries, smoothies, and any other treat you can think of! Feel free to refill with more vodka as it runs out as it will continue to brew as you replace the used extract.

The proportions are 3 whole vanilla beans per 1 cup (8 oz) vodka, or 1 1/2 vanilla beans per 1/2 cup (4 oz) vodka.

1. Wash and sanitize bottles and lids with mild soapy water, rinse with boiling hot water to sanitize them.

2. Cut vanilla beans in half (horizontally) then splice beans (vertically) along the first cut to further facilitates the brewing process.

3. Pour vodka to the top of the jar. Cover tightly with lid and let them brew for 2-3 months, shaking occasionally. It will turn a beautiful amber-ish color when it’s ready to use.

Simple as that! 

What is Mexican Vanilla?

Make your very own authentic pure vanilla extract and explore the endless possibilities in all your baking goods!



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