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Grade A - Pure Vanilla Beans

Grade A - Pure Vanilla Beans

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Papantla Vanilla 

Grade A Pure Vanilla Beans

30% humidity

14-16 cm

What are Vanilla Beans? 

Vanilla is one of the world's most recognizable, sought after, and richest delicacies since ancient times. Regarded as a flavor for nobility by the Aztecs and introduced to the Old World by Mesoamerican Explorers, this product has been widely used in a variety of cooking and baking processes. All vanilla extract comes from an infusion process with alcohol such as vodka, bourbon, or whiskey among others which can then be added to baking goods, sauces, smoothies, seasonings, etc. 

·         Vanilla was nominated as a flavor for nobility by the Aztec empire, making it one of the world’s most sought after tastes. 

·         Vanilla, apart from being a top favorite flavor worldwide has had an immense amount of scientific research as to its anti-inflammatory properties. Specifically in the area of neuroinflammatory conditions and has shown promising results. 

       What is Mexican Vanilla?

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