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Oxygen-Absorbing Packets

Oxygen-Absorbing Packets

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Oxygen-Absorbing Packets - pack of 100

Oxygen absorbers are designed primarily to prolong the shelf life and viability of products that are sensitive to oxidation, rot, color loss and rancidity.  By removing the oxygen in an atmosphere, we create an anaerobic environment whereby microorganisms cannot live and grow and also preserve the flavor and color of foods and products as well as preventing rancidity in products that have high oil content.

When used correctly, oxygen scavengers can reduce the oxygen level in an enclosed container to 0.01% thereby giving your product the best possible environment to reside in.

Preserve freshness and extend the shelf life of packaged foods.

Prevents mold and bacteria growth.

Removes over 99.9% of oxygen from sealed, airtight packages.

FDA compliant.





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Care Instructions

Store in cool and dry location

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