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COFFEE VARIETY PACK "A" Pack of 6, (1.2 lb)

COFFEE VARIETY PACK "A" Pack of 6, (1.2 lb)

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Variety Pack A

This Variety Pack brings you flavours from around the globe, each package is measured to make a full pot or 12 cups of coffee.

Enjoy this trip around the world in 6 coffees!

  • Yirgacheffe Natural

Ethiopia is one of the words leading countries in providing this rich brew as every cup shares hints of lemongrass, apricot, raspberry, and bittersweet chocolate with its cupping score of 86pts this coffee will take you to the high mountains of Africa in every sip.

  • SHG

This medium roasted coffee from Santa Ana in El Salvador offers a cupping score of 82pts, hints of chocolate, cinnamon, sugar, dried fruit, and nuts will produce a light, balanced and round flavour in every cup. 

  • Tarrazu

Costa Rica is known to provide some of the best coffee worldwide, this bright and citrusy coffee with a cupping score of 86.5pts will take you on a dark chocolate, cherry, honey, and nut blend experience. 

  • Mlama

Tanzania, a top producer of coffee in Africa brings us this aromatic, smooth coffee with hints of sweet caramel, cacao, cinnamon, mandarin, lemon and tamarind with a cupping score of 85pts will take you on a unique experience of the ancestral tastes in Africa. 

  • Planadas

This Colombian coffee from the region of Planadas offers a bright and creamy flavor with its cupping score of 86pts with hints of sweet cacao, pineapple, red apple, papaya, and raisin, this bright and creamy coffee. 

  • Coban

From the jungles of Guatemala this fine coffee must have been a favourite with the ancient cultures as it has an excellent bright and creamy cupping score of 84pts with hints of milk chocolate, sour cherry and vanilla just takes you back to ancestral origins of the beverage.

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