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12 Day Ground Coffee Sampler Gift Box

12 Day Ground Coffee Sampler Gift Box

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Each bag of 100g of ground coffee makes a pot of coffee

A Globe-Trotting Coffee Experience

Explore the magnificent world of gourmet coffee with our 12-day specialty coffee sample pack. This extraordinary collection will transport your senses across continents, showcasing the unique flavors and aromas of beans from esteemed coffee-producing regions.

The Aroma of Exploration

Savor the exotic notes of coffees from El Salvador, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Timor, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. Each day brings a new experience, immersing you in the complex tapestry of aromas and flavors distinctive to each region.

The Artisanal Craft

Our coffee beans are ethically sourced and masterfully roasted, preserving the characteristic profiles that make each origin unique. We work closely with local growers, ensuring that each cup supports the communities that work tirelessly to bring us these exceptional coffees.

The Perfect Gift

This 12-day coffee journey makes an exceptional gift for the coffee connoisseurs in your life or as a personal treat. Embark on this flavor expedition and elevate your coffee drinking experience to new heights.

Quality You Can Taste

Each coffee in our 12-day specialty coffee sample pack has been selected for its superior quality and unique taste. From the sweet, fruity notes of Colombia's beans to the earthy, full-bodied flavor of Indonesia's coffee, every sip tells a story of careful cultivation, meticulous processing, and passion for the craft. Enjoy the richness of high-quality, fresh roasted beans that highlight the individual characteristics of each region's terroir.

A Sustainable Choice

By choosing our specialty coffee sample pack, you are not only embarking on a global coffee tasting journey but also supporting sustainable farming practices. We source our beans from farmers who use environmentally-friendly techniques, ensuring the preservation of these incredible coffee landscapes for generations to come.

Unleash Your Inner Barista

Our 12-day coffee sampler is a perfect opportunity for you to experiment and refine your brewing techniques. Each coffee's unique profile can inspire you to tweak your method, enhancing your brewing skills and deepening your appreciation of coffee's diverse flavors.

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