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Hand Tiller | Cultivator | Broadfork

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As an established provider of quality grocery staples from Canadian farmers, Storehouse Foods offers access to a practical, quality tool for our customers who grow their own produce.  The broadfork is an ingenious device that preforms four valuable functions: soil aeration, cultivating, harvesting and loosening compacted soil.  For soil to produce, it needs air, water and nutrients. Unlike a motorized garden tiller that churns and blends the soil, a broadfork loosens the ground without disturbing the soil layers. In addition, it doesn’t kill worms and other microorganisms that are crucial in helping maintain soil nutrition, structure and absorbability.

To use a broadfork, you step on the crossbar and use your body weight to set the fork into the ground. Gently pull back on the handles to break up and aerate the soil.  No fuel or pushing required.

Made with aluminum, this product is as strong as steel, and yet incredibly lightweight.  This makes it easy for anyone to use and move around. Not only is the material lightweight, but aluminum is corrosion and rust resistant, ensuring optimal performance for years.  Designed with 5 curved blades, that alternate between 12” and 10”, there are no rods that will bend or break as you move through the soil. This broadfork is an excellent choice for farmers and gardeners alike.

Why you need a Broadfork:

  • Aerates soil and allows rain to seep deeper without puddling or compacting soil
  • Less damaging to soil composition and organisms vital to maintain soil nutrition
  • Allows roomier space for root growth, allowing crops to absorb more nutrients
  • Root crops are more easily harvested in aerated soil
  • Lightweight, corrosion and rust resistant, easy to store
  • No fuel required

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Height: 59 1/2″

Width: 19 3/4″

Blade Lengths: 3 @ 12″, 2 @ 10″

Weight: less than 8 lbs


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